Friday, February 29, 2008


Oh man, I was slaving to the clock last night sweating up a chill, wondering if this winter would ever end.

Then I noticed on the calender at work on the way out it said "Feb 28th"

Well, that just made it all worth it! Because March has finally arrived, right on time and it is almost spring! That means, rows of lush green life in bloom on every street and park or forest or whatever! Birds returning from vacation to their full time job: of waking me up in the spring! Hahaha, but seriously, it also immaculately concepts Americas Favorite Pastime: Baseball. Mmmm I can just smell the HGH squirting in the air from here! Now that its March of course. I still remember looking at my calender with a sad look on my face on March 31st last year. "Oh well. 364 days until March next year. Guess I will make the best of it."

But I am not trying to go off on a downer trip! Its been364 days! Its finally March again! March 1st! I am just glad we all made it out of the winter out like lions and in like lambs. To March. 1st.

Well, I am gonna go breathe some of that new March air that just hit the streets today. I urge you all to do the same? After all, I am no mathematician, but I believe it has been 364 days since the last batch of pure March air hit the streets last.

Oh, and happy March 1st!